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Internal Audit Services

Internal audit is a core resource in the governance process. We draw on our global firm-wide specialist skills to bring a comprehensive solution to our clients, providing independent assurance and reviews on critical business processes.  Our approach brings the required skills, experience, and capacity to supporting, enhancing, or outsourcing our clients' internal audit function.

PKF VGA Advisory has been built on the years of experience of our senior staff. Rob Newsome has been engaged with internal audit since 1993 as the CAE for Eskom and MTN and partner with KMPG, EY and PwC for Risk Advisory services and Ntikile since her time with AngloGold Ashanti in 1995 through KPMG, EY, PwC and SNG to now. Ntikile and Rob have engaged with many of their previous staff and contacts to build up an excellent team of senior experience and skills and contractors who want to work with them to grow their own skills and experience.

Our team mix allows us to provide extensive Internal audit advisory consultations on the value propositions for internal audit and how to make those value propositions to resonate real value. This includes the set up of and internal audit function through to optimising the value delivery through benchmarked comparisons and interpretations.

We offer the full scope outsourced internal audit services where we run the internal audit function through to providing project specific reviews based on high level of skill requirements for the reviews – e.g., ITC and Investments.

With the practice management suite taking care of the administration, reporting, and monitoring, Client and PKF staff are able to focus on the required outcomes and deliverables of stakeholders.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Full outsourcing includes the performance of all internal audit activities - including risk assessment, audit planning, performance, communication/ reporting - on a recurring basis. The client may have or may choose not to have a chief audit manager.
  • Co-sourcing is when we assist with in-house internal audit functions in the execution of their internal audit plans.
  • Quality Assessment Reviews is our quality assessment process, where we perform a comprehensive review of the overall effectiveness of a client's internal audit function.
  • Internal Audit Practice Solutions: Implementation and access to the Practice Management Portal, Client Portal and Supplier Portal.
  • Robotic Process Automation tools create internal audit programmes that move away from resource intensive activities to 100% reviews being carried out 24/7/365.

We are aligned to best practice, with our ongoing innovation and investments provides the comfort that the internal audit practice provides significant value to customers.