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There are many reasons for a company to become B-BBEE certified, some obvious, some more subtle. For a start, big businesses and state-owned enterprises are required to support businesses which are B-BBEE certified and if you aren’t certified, you aren’t even on their radar. By getting certified, not only will you reap the benefits, but your customers will as well. In this competitive environment, everyone is looking for an advantage and you don’t want to miss out on a tender or opportunity simply because your certification is not in place.

At PKF VGA, we can guide you through the numerous benefits and the process of getting your B-BBEE verification certificate. We’re able to offer you the advice you need in order to make up those precious points on your rating. And if you’re our client, there’s no need to collate tons of company registration documents in order to get your accreditation done. We keep your documents in-house and can refer to these during the rating process, making things a lot simpler for you.